Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t hesitate to message us if you still have questions!

Is it worth buying Likes, Followers, and Views?

Simply put, yes. Increasing your Like, Follower, and View count can translate into increased brand value, greater web traffic, and more conversions.

Do you need my Instagram login or password?

No! The only thing required to use our services is the public URL to the account or profile you wish to receive your Likes, Followers, or Views. We will never ask you to disclose any private or identifying information to use our services.

What payment methods are available?

Currently, we can accept payment from any card with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, or UnionPay logo. We can also accept any gift card or prepaid card with the same logos mentioned above, as long as the cost of the order does not exceed the balance on the card.

I never received my order! What can I do?

To ensure delivery of our services, make sure the following criteria are met before placing an order:

  • Your Instagram account is set to public
  • You have entered the correct Instagram username
  • You have not changed your Instagram account’s username before the order has been completed
  • The account or post exists and has not been deleted, restricted, or removed

If you have not had your order fulfilled within 48 hours, message us with your order number for a no questions asked refund.

What is your 30 day guarantee?

We guarantee the delivery of every service ordered from us. All orders that have not been filled within 48 hours are eligible for a no questions asked refund, simply message us with your order number for prompt service. Additionally, we ensure that your Likes, Followers, and Views will persist for at least 30 days. Message us if you notice a decrease in volume and we will work with you to refresh your order at no additional charge. We strive for complete customer satisfaction, if at any time you feel dissatisfied with our service please message us so that we can address any shortcomings.